My Article "India and the Ease of Doing Business" Published At Indiainfoline Web Portal

Can India jump 80 spots and land within the top 50 within the span of a year? Isn’t the target unrealistic? Not if sources in the Union Commerce Ministry and the DIPP are to be believed.

India and the Ease of Doing Business

4 thoughts on “My Article "India and the Ease of Doing Business" Published At Indiainfoline Web Portal


    To India to Emerge as a Corruption Free Country, First all elected MLA’s and MP’s resign and re-elect without Black money pumping. Without Black money back ground if people select their Representative, he will be the right person to lead his Assembly or constituency.

    All Schools and Colleges maintain same standard of education to its Citizens, no Donations for admission. Go only based on Merit make it mandatory.

    Don’t squeeze too much on Industries in the way of Tax, they are paying personnel and corporate make anyone thing. Stop Harassment by various statutory Organisations and allow business establishments to grow. Implement Transaction charges and consider that as Income to Govt.

    Insure every Citizen by Govt itself based on his Tax collected and secure their life and future same as LIC for accident and after death to his immediate kin automatically corruption will stop to a large extent.

  2. Manaklal Agrawal

    Good article Dr Sunil Gupta. Thanks for educating us in the matter. Such efforts from persons like you will surely add to efforts and ultimate results.

  3. Senthil Kumar

    The govt trying to improve ease of doing business is good but it should be in reality and not by showing improvement in nos. The ground reality is different and simplification of the rules without much scope for interpretation is very very important


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