Promoting Cross-Border Harmony

Dr. Sunil Gupta believes and abides to the famous Indian saying, ‘VasudhaivaKutumbakam’, which delivers a harmonious message that the entire world is one family. To strengthen the Indo-Pak relationship, Dr. Gupta arranged for a spectacular Ghazal night in the hotel, Maurya Sheraton in May 2009. This very much reflects his love and respect for distinct nations, caste and creed.

Well known Pakistani Ghazal singer, Ms. Munni Begum alongwith equally appreciated Indian singer, Mr. Sudeep Banerjee delivered an outstanding Ghazal performance during the event “DareecheDeewar Mein- Diya DostiKaPaigam”. The event was attended by more than 400 reputed members of the society, including the Governor of Haryana, Shri A. R. Kidwai, the Governor of Sikkim, Shri B. P. Singh and ambassadors/diplomats from more than 15 countries including the High Commissioner of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Malik. The impact of the event was felt beyond the geographical boundaries and was applauded by the public and media at large.

Strong belief in God

Dr. Sunil Gupta holds utmost faith in God and dedicatedly believes that his grace is the underlying support for the entire mankind. Being away from superstitions, Dr. Gupta prays for the betterment of the entire society and global social viability. As an attempt to stay closer to the divine power, he is working as an active member of the ISKCON and many other religious societies.

Dr. Gupta respects the religions and customs of all the societies around the world. He is a regular visitor of Churches, Gurudwaras and other religious destinations. While being outside the borders of India, Dr. Gupta has visited distinctive praying destinations. He also actively participates in the events organized at the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan and KrishanBalramMandir, Baldeo, Mathura (U.P.). As a volunteer contributor of service towards religion, Dr. Gupta enthusiastically involves himself at events organized at Shirdi Sai Temple, TirupatiTirumalaDevasthanam, Vaishno Devi Temple and Dargah in Ajmer Sharif. Not just with funds, Dr. Gupta assists these events with utmost self-service towards promoting spirituality and faith.

The guidance and support of Dr. Gupta has helped the organizers to call in for active participation from distinctive castes and religions. Cultural programmes in distinct parts of the country are also a part of this attempt.