Print Media

In-depth awareness and effective comprehension of fiscal and administrative matters are the two pillars that help Dr. Gupta stand a step ahead. Dr. Gupta has written immensely on varied subjects. His articles on economy and finance have been published in leading newspapers and magazines, including The Statesman and Organiser (mouthpiece of RSS). He has also penned a book titled ‘Thoughts Gallery’ which is a compilation of his blogs on national and global economic, political and business landscapes. The book is forwarded by Dr GVG Krishnamurthy (former Election Commissioner).

His article, ‘Onerous Legacy of Congress Era’, published in Organiser magazine talked about how the Nehruvian policy of having a stronger public sector undermined economic interests and led to sick and troubled public sector undertakings and banks. In one of his articles, ‘The Case for Privatising PSBs’, published in The Statesman, Dr. Gupta talked of the imperative need to rid the country’s banking sector of unwanted government control, which in turn would lead to efficiency and more accountability of bank personnel. He also discussed in detail the PNB fraud case which amounted to a loss of INR 2 billion to the bank in his article ‘Who is to Blame for PNB Fraud’, which was published in The Statesman.