India Center Foundation

The recent India-Japan Global Partnership is a model representing the transformation of individual development to collective progress. The model not only targets at mutual national interests, it is also a symbol of empowerment and inclusion of 95% of the world. India Center Foundation (ICF), a not-for-profit organization, is the driving force behind this highly appreciated module. ICF works under the guiding principle of R-M-E, which promotes and fosters pragmatic partnerships. The R-M-E model advocates formation of a strong Relationship, followed by deliberations to devise Mechanism so as to bring effective Execution, leading to holistic and robust Economy, and eventually to Empowerment. Dr. Sunil Gupta, one of the key advisors in ICF, extended his complete support in ensuring that the module puts forward an example of united success on the global platform. With his extensive experience in implementing profitable strategies for adding an edge to the working of Nation’s Financial Institutions and PSUs, he has supplemented due value to ICF’s mission. Plus, being a Chartered Accountant and an economical intellectual, he has shared his valuable understanding of macro-systems in ICF’s voyage to empowerment.

Believing that nation building is a passage from NirakaarBrahma (intangibles like vision and ideas) to SakaarBrahma (tangibles like execution of vision and policies), the role of ICF is apparent and result-oriented. The association aims to map the aspirations of India and its inhabitants with the availability of resources on one hand and to promote awareness through multi-level and cross-sectional interaction on the other. Further, adequate care is taken while implementing the policies so as to ensure that the new framework is energy efficient, environmentally accountable and effectively sustainable. The foremost target is to empower societies across the globe with adequate infrastructure, healthcare, education and energy security. Working as a Catalyst, the Foundation is assisting in the nation-building process by evolving thought process and new models of socio-economic development. Adding to the list of accomplishments of the Foundation is the macro-initiative, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), a symbol of Indo-Japan co-operation that will go a long way to deliver much awaited economic reforms.

With the association of Dr. Gupta, ICF has secured appreciation as an association transforming the standard of living of the inhabitants of the nation by putting across productive concepts and efficient guiding principles. Innovation and creative ideas are welcomed so as to ensure that the society achieves the highest echelon of socio-economic viability.