Unity International Foundation

A renowned association for the advancement of cordial relations among nations, Unity International Foundation, has the indulgence of securing the service of Dr. Sunil Gupta as the Financial Advisor and the Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee. Dr. Gupta has been playing a prominent role in the strategic decision making and policy implementation so as to ensure that the global community gains what it deserves.

Unity International Foundation, alongwith the guidance of Dr. Gupta has been able to mark its presence across the borders as an association delivering the requisite platform for international harmony, peace and drug-trafficking. The Association is globally appreciated for its valuable attempts in lessening the movement of youth towards terrorism and drugs. It is considerable to note that former Indian Presidents, Mr. GianiZail Singh and Dr. K. R. Narayanan, alongwith former Prime Minister, Mr. I. K. Gujral had been associated with Unity International Foundation to promote world peace and communal harmony.

As the Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, Dr. Sunil Gupta takes time-bound and effective steps to organize Seminars, Symposia, and Round-Table Discussions and Dialogues, wherein personalities from international platform participate and co-ordinate to ensure harmony among nations. Every attempt is made so as to make sure that global infrastructure and business relations among nations are widened.