Shri KrishanGaushala

When we talk about social service, we very well understand that this service is not limited to helping the humans. Social service is a broader concept and involves the protection and welfare of all living beings. Dr. Sunil Gupta inherits love and care for cows from his ancestors. India is the nation where cows are considered as Goddess. However, the protection of this holy class has always been a foremost concern.

Dr. Gupta, as an attempt to promote the welfare of animals, opted to become the founder member of Shri KrishanGaushala, which is a registered society located in the heart of the city, Ghaziabad. As a member of the executive committee, Dr. Gupta plays an eminent role in implementing policies and programs that are beneficiary for the inhabitant animals. It is considerable to note that the Society spent 4 Crore Rupees in the financial year, 2012-13 for the care and prosperity of the inhabitant cows. Plus, a Research and Development team established under the guidance of IIT Delhi takes care that Bio-gas generated by three Bio-gas plants is processed to take apart Methane, which can further be exploited as CNG.

With the commitment of Dr. Gupta, the society has managed to take care of more than 2100 cows, alongwith providing an adequate infrastructure for their well-being. A subsidiary unit has been set up at KanhaUpvan, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, which takes care of cows prevented from being smuggled. The cows are provided with quality food material and sufficient care is taken in terms of vaccination. The infrastructure of the Gaushala has been developed keeping in mind that the inhabitants are provided with ample space. As an active member, Dr. Gupta extends his help in the form of funds and time-bound service.