Lions Club Ghaziabad Mahanagar

In his quest to assist the society in achieving all-inclusive growth, Dr. Gupta associated himself with the Lions Club Ghaziabad Central in 1991. Presently, he is an active member of the Lions Club Ghaziabad Mahanagar, a part of Lion District 321-C1. In the following paragraphs, the social welfare activities undertaken on yearly basis have been highlighted, wherein Dr. Gupta has extended his helping hand.

The foremost motive is to bring light to the life of the deprived people. With over 300 eye check-up camps arranged at distinct parts, more than 15,000 patients out of 1,50,000 who benefit from this service, are operated with free of cost eye surgery. More than 20,000 people visiting the camp commit to donate their eyes after death, thus paving the way to light for others. Recognizing the rising demand of blood, regular camps are organized and more than 5,000 units of blood is collected, which is passed on for the wellbeing of the society.

To cater to the needs of future entrepreneurs, Lion’s Quest Program is a remarkable step. More than 15 Workshops are organized and in every of the workshop almost 40 school teachers are trained by trainers of international repute, with the finest methods to deal with teenagers’ sensitive issues related to alcohol and drugs consumption, smoking and pornography. Plus, Leo Programs organized were attended by a large number of youth of age 24 to 30 years. Herein, they were given effective lessons on leadership, brotherhood and superior citizenship.

Adding to the list are the centers which are providing a helping hand to patients who seek regular blood replacement, thus fighting the issue of Thalassemia. Camps with a purpose to extend assistance to handicaps are arranged, wherein these special members of the society are provided with wheelchairs, hearing aid equipments and callipers.

Art is welcomed and appreciated. Hence, 100 Global Painting Competitions are organized wherein more than 50,000 participants put in their painting skills in accordance with the theme of peace and humanity. The winners of these programmes go a step further and participate at international platforms. Environmental concerns in the society are attempted to be resolved with the plantation of more than 1 Lakh trees every year by the Club.

With a motive to deliver prosperity and happiness, more than 100 marriage ceremonies are arranged and provided with all facilities for the girls belonging to underprivileged families. Natural calamities that ruin the lives of hundreds and millions are fought against bravely by the Club. Uttaranchal, wherein the recent calamity resulted in the loss of many lives and property, has been the area of serving for the Club. Uninterrupted help is being provided to help attain the moderate level of living again.

Dr. Sunil Gupta has made every attempt in providing assistance during the programmes arranged by the Club for the welfare of the society. It is very rare that a society is blessed with such persons who become living example of humility, kindness, generosity and selfless service. Dr. Gupta has indeed become a great source of inspiration to many others to try and follow his footsteps to serve the humanity. His work has been appreciated by the Club members and has set high standards in the field of social wellbeing.