Contribution to Economy

During his directorship in the nation’s premier banking institutions, Punjab National Bank and Dena Bank, Dr. Gupta actively participated in policy formulations and strategic decision-making. His membership in distinct committees of these banks helped in an overall betterment of the organizational structure. He proved as a supporting pillar in the administration of these institutions and with his vast knowledge of global economic structure, he contributed in the all-inclusive success of these banks.

Dr. Gupta provides regular suggestions to Reserve Bank of India and Department of Financial Services (DFS), Government of India for the betterment of asset quality of banks, improvement of the banking system, enhanced monitoring of large advances and application of stringent audit systems. Recent directives given by DFS to the banks with regard to JLA (Joint Lender Agreement), Takeover of Borrower Accounts, insistence of personal guarantees for large borrower accounts and short term/corporate loans are a few of the results of his remarkable efforts.

He makes it easy for the general public to comprehend the impact of policy decisions of the government. It was through his detailed articles on occasions ranging from scrapping of higher currency notes to PNB-Nirav Modi fraud case that touched upon various aspects and allowed the general populace to understand the positives and negatives of government decisions. Many of his articles have been published in leading newspapers, and as a panelist on news debates, he has decoded subjects like interest rates of EPFO and union budget.

Being a Director of General Insurance Corporation of India, he continuously extended his expertise with a view to upgrading the working of the corporation. It is proud to mention that his suggestions and follow-ups enabled GIC to recover crores of funds by ensuring reconciliation of Broker Balance accounts. Dr. Gupta also played a key role in cost-effective renewal of reinsurances from international insurers.

On the Board of Rural Electrification Corporation of India, Dr. Gupta actively involved himself in policy formulations and decision-making modules. He contributed in formulation of distinctive guidelines for asset quality of the corporation. Introduction of yearly review of accounts, obtaining of personal guarantees of directors are a few noticeable results of his efforts.